My friend Laura

How we got here.


7/30/20231 min read

Laura is an Ally…yes with a capitol A. A former conservative, who’s world view was changed when her youngest child came out as transgender at 18. You will often find her wearing a Free Mom Hugs dress at just about any and every LGBTQIA+ event around Orlando and she interviewed me early on in being out as a transgender woman and let me tell my story. She is someone determined to change the world for the better - fighting with words and love for equality and inclusion. She became a fast friend and someone who is part of my core, meaning her soul has helped forge mine for the better as a woman. Her podcast is available just about everywhere podcasts live and August 2nd we are going to launch a weekly live webcast on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. We are going to bring you into our chats with friends and people fighting to keep their civil rights here in Florida. We are going to follow up with people who’s stories she has shared from the rainbow community. Most of all we are going to try and have fun and we welcome you to drop in and join us. More details to follow but please plan to pull up a chair, have a glass of wine, and engage with us and the community we are both completely passionate about.